Brass And Aluminum Labels/Signage


Brass Labels and Tags

Brass, a metal alloy comprising of copper and zinc, is fire-resistant and suitable for decorative uses due to its resemblance to gold.

It is commonly used in plaques, product labels, cable tags and more.

Brighten coats its brass with lacquer for enhanced durability as the material is prone to oxidization.

  • Shape and design fully customizable
  • Size ranges from 5mm x 7mm to 4′ x 2′
  • Material: Brass
  • Optional Coating: Epoxy/Gold-Plating/Nickel-Plating/Lacquer
  • Backing: 3M Double Side Tape/ 3M Foam Tape/ Nitto Tape/ Screw Holes
  • Fabrication: Etch/UV Print
  • Minimum Order: None

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