SONY Panel with UV-Printing

SONY Panel with UV-Printing

SONY Panel with UV-Printing


This piece of black-anodized brushed aluminum Sony panel looks great with our white uv-printed details on it, not to mention how nicely the marbled background compliments the overall appeal of this lovely piece of panel. Here’s 3 things you should know about our UV-printing.

1. Dimensions

The dimensions of the objected to be printed on should not exceed 50.5cm(L) by 33cm(B) by 10cm(H), these will be maximum dimensions our UV-printer will be able to go. Also, for items with curved surfaces, the printable area will be limited in size, on a case-by-case basis.

2. Colors

As this is essentially printing, the sky’s the limited for this area, and photo printings are doable as well. Simply furnished us the pantone color code if it’s a corporate logo, or the high-resolution file if it’s an image or photo.

SONY Panel with UV-Printing (Close-Up)

3. Finishings

For our UV-printing, we can either have it embossed finishing, matt or glossy. The embossed finishing is achieve by repeatedly printed layers of the layout, such that the logo/texts protrudes out significantly from the surface. This SONY panel spots white UV-printing with matt finishing for a cool look.

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