Reusable Nametag

Reusable Nametag

Reusable Nametag

Nope, I’m still with Brighten.

Introducing our new version of the reusable nametags! Here’s 3 new things you need to know about it!

1. Color Options

As opposed to the outgoing design (Image below for comparison), the new reusable nametag can be fully-personalised in terms of the layout. Fancy a solid black background instead of the silver background seen above? Sure. Prefer to have it in the 2-tone pantone-color coded colors of your corporation identity? No problem.

2. How to Use?

What seems like a layer of epoxy coating is actually a removable plastic cover. Just detach one end, and it can be slid out easily. You will then be able to have the names changed with a label printer. Once the label with the new name has been pasted onto the nametag, just pop the plastic cover back on and you’re all set.

Reusable Nametag Disassembled

Plastic cover detached.

3. Specifications

The dimensions and backing option(magnetic) are fixed for this reusable nametag, but we do not foresee too much of a problem, as this size is pretty generic, and most of our customers prefer magnetic nametags to the conventional pin types that leaves holes in their shirts.

Reusable Nametag (Back)


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