Glass Tumbler Customization

Glass Tumbler Customization

Glass Tumbler Customization

We’ve recently had a breakthrough in R&D for our uv-printing, and they are now fully waterproof! Our lucky first customer to experience this recent breakthrough goes to the owner of these lovely glass tumblers seen above, customizing them with his hipster purple santa logo. Here’s 3 things you need to to know about uv-printing.

1. What is UV-Printing?

UV-printing, like conventional solvent printing, cures, or dries, the printed ink using a uv-lamp, instead of heat.

2. What can it do?

As heat transfer is no longer necessary, uv-printing can be done onto objects which previously cannot be printed on via conventional solvent-printing solutions. Popular uv-customized items include glass tumblers, wine glasses, pens, portable speakers, power banks etc.

3. How durable is it?

As it is ultimately still a form of printing, it can be scratched away by someone with enough motivation. We’ve tried scratching it with our own finger’s nails, and that proved to be quite a challenge. However, someone with a penknife would easily be able to scrap off the printings.

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