Stainless Steel Hexagon Machine Part Etching

Stainless Steel Hexagon Machine Part Etching

Steel Hexagon Machine Part Etching

Steel me if you dare!

With the logo and part names permanently etched in, you can rest assure these stainless steel machine parts ain’t going anywhere soon! Here’s 3 things to take note before sending your machine parts for etching.

1. Material Type

Most of the time, i will only recommend that stainless steel be the only suitable type of material to be chemically-etched, when customers ask if etching can be done on their machine parts. Having said that, brass and aluminum can also be done, but will require more care during the coating process to protect the part, and we will also have to coat the parts with lacquer once the etching and paint filling process is done. Material such as mild steel will not be recommended as it rusts easily.

2. Suitability

The machine part seen above has 2 holes on either sides of it, and they are firmly sealed with plastic stoppers. This is necessary to prevent the etching acid from damaging the insides of the screw threads, or the inner workings of the machine part.

3. Feasibility

Lastly, we will only advise for etching to be done onto any machine parts if slight damage to the part does not affect the overall usability. As the coating application can at times be tricky, we might not be able to fully coat the part against the etching acid, sometimes causing small “scars” to be etched into the part as well.

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