Wooden Nametags

Wooden Name Tags

Fresh out of Brighten’s oven are these chic wooden nametags! Here’s 3 things you need to know about them:

1. It’s actually not engraving!

Yes, you heard that right. Featured above are wooden nametags with uv-printing instead of the more commonly-seen laser-engraving method. Using this fabrication method, there will be no laser burnt marks on the nametags, and open doors to a wide range of designing options.

2. Colors

As the designs are essentially printed, there are no limits to the amount of colors and font types. Every nametag can be customized to the specific pantone color code of the logo, or corporate font types.

Wooden Name Tags 2

3. Level of customization

Just like all of our other nametag solutions, it will also be poossible to fully customize these wooden nametags. Custom shapes to make room for a larger logo, different colored layouts and choices of different backing such as pin or magnet will be possible for these nametags as well.

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