Industrial Acrylic Engraving Labels

Industrial Acrylic Engraving Labels

Industrial Acrylic Engraving Labels

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Boring as they may look, these labels serve a very important role in the industrial sectors of Singapore. Here’s the 3 most common types of industrial plastic labels:



1. Gravoply

These are perhaps the most commonly-used type of plastic labels. Made of a 2-layer acrylic, the top layer is of a different color the the bottom, resulting in a contrast between the untouched areas and the engraved portions, allowing the texts/logos to be clearly visible after the engraving process. These labels are lightweight, malleable and cheap, hence its popularity.

Industrial Labels Close-Up

2. Reverse-Acrylic

As the name suggests, the engraving is done at the back of the label, making this material a great option against tampering, with enhanced durability against bangs and scratches as well. As seen from the white piece of sample above, the top layer of the material is transparent, with the colored layer at the bottom, the direct opposite from the previously mentioned gravoply. After engraving, the texts are filled with black paint, and the sample above will be the finished result.

Traffolite 3-ply with engraving and router-cut holes small

Traffolite 3-ply with engraving and router-cut holes Name Plate

3. Traffolite

With a higher melting point than conventional acrylics, this material is great for usage on machines or environments that has a higher operating temperature. Consisting of 3 layers instead of 2, the front and back layers share the same color, with the middle layer usually in either black or white. This material is much more brittle than gravoply or reverse-acrylic, and has much less color options.

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