Charisma University A4 Gold Plaque

Charisma University A4 Gold Plaque

Charisma University A4 Gold Plaque

Congratulations Doctor!

Does the conventional acrylic-framed plaque display bore you? Why not try converting your achievements into this elegant and smart-looking plaque? Here’s 3 things you need to know about our plaques:

1. Sizes

Although most certificates comes in their own unique dimensions, we will usually scale it up or down to either an A3 or A4 size. We are able to do custom sizes as well, with a MOQ of 100 pcs. The wooden backing has a hidden stand, allowing the plaque to be displayed both on a wall or on a desktop.

Shield Plaque

Shields up!

2. Colors

The most popular colors are our gold and silver backgrounds, as they both contrast really well with the with the certificate’s designs, and also fit in nicely with most decors. Alternatively, we are also able to have the background color in any preferred color tone.

Silver Certificate Plaque with Wooden Base 374x268

Silver Certificate Plaque with Wooden Base 

3. Finishings

As always, we offer a wide range of customizations, from the type of material for the top plate that is placed onto the wooden base, to the fabrication method for imprinting the certificate’s layout onto the plaque. Below are just some examples. Feel free to contact us for a better understanding!

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