Touch Singapore Custom Name Tag Badge

Touch Singapore Custom Name Tag Badge

Custom Name Tag Badge

Yellow Card!

Here are some lovely name tag/badges we’ve recently did for Touch Singapore. Before customising your very own unique name tags, here’s 3 things you need to know:

1. Shape

This is the one aspect of name tag customisation that will make a name tag stand out the most, as it is the biggest difference to any traditional name tag. We are able to customise the name tags to most shapes and dimensions, which includes generic shapes like the ones seen above, or tailored shapes like the one below.

Singapore Legal Advice Custom Nametag


2. Method of Fabrication

Most name tags are done via solvent printing onto a piece of sticker, which will then be laminated onto the plastic backing of the name tag. Here at Brighten, we offer a variety of fabrication methods, such as uv-printing directly onto the plastic backing of the name tag. The sample above is a good example of such fabrication methods, resulting in a very different finish compared to conventional name tags.

name tag backings.JPG

3. Backing

The 2 most popular backings are either pin or magnet. The pin backing is suitable for those who’s primary concern is that the name tag might fall off, and is suitable for people who moves around quite a bit in their daily activities. The magnet backing is suitable for those who are concerned about leaving a hole in their clothing. Our magnet backings are relatively strong, but might not work that well with jackets.

Custom Name Tag Badge Close-Up

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