llora Brass Product Label

llora Brass Product Label

llora Brass Product Label


Depending on the intended usage, this classy lacquer-coated llora brass label with colorless etching can be either a product brand label or keychain. With a size of 20mm in diameter, it’ll fit in with most accessories or small handbags. Here’s 3 things you need to consider when customizing a product brand label.

1. Choice of Materials 

From stainless steel to acrylic, our many options of material types might seem a little overwhelming. It would be better to decide on the material of choice based on how the product label intends to be used. If it’s for a premium handbag, the label can be similar to the llora brass label seen above, as the handbag will be treated with care. If the product is an electric scooter instead, a stainless steel or anodized-aluminum label will be more fitting due to their ruggedness.

ASHER Steel Labels

Stainless Steel Colorless Etching

2. Choice of Fabrication Methods

Depending on the required logos or layouts, we will recommend different types of fabrication methods. For a more complicated logo with multiple colors, perhaps uv-printing with either uv-coating or epoxy coating would be more suitable. For layouts that are more simple, colorless etching on any of our metallic materials will be a good bet.

3. Choice of Finishings

Again, this is more about the type of aesthetic appeal that the brand is going for. A high-end luxury brand will most probably go with a nickel/gold-plated brass label, whereas a mountain bicycle will suit a label that is more masculine, such as stainless steel or black-anodized aluminum with colorless etching.

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