Parker Pen Insignia Customization

Parker Pen Insignia Customization

Parker Pen UV-Customization


A high ranking pen befitting for a premium gift. It really is as though the pen donned on just the rank insignia that goes along with our uniforms. Here’s 3 things you need to know about pen customization:

1. Size of Print Area

As most pens are curved, the print area cannot be too large, as the print accuracy will decrease along with the increase in the curvature. Most of the time, the printable area will be at most 10mm in height, and30/40mm in length. Of course, this also depends on the actual dimensions of the pen.

2. UV-Print vs Laser-Engraving

Laser Engraving, as the term suggests, is the actual cutting of the surface of an item using a powerful laser beam. The option for colors is next to impossible, as colors are achieved by twitching the frequency of the laser. Depending on the base material of the pen, the color of the engraved portion might differ from pen to pen. UV-Printing is a form of printing, with the ink cured or “dried” via UV-rays. This method is harmless to the pen, can be removed by mild chemicals, and allows for a wide variety of layouts, such as the rank insignia seen above.

3. UV-Printable Pens

Most pens can be printed, the only variable is the printable area. Take for example the parker pen seen above. Notice how the curvature is from narrow, to broad, and back to narrow? As such, the UV-printing can only be done on the broad area, because printing on the narrow area will result in the printer’s head hitting the broad area of the pen.

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