Stainless Steel Barcode Label

Stainless Steel Barcode Label

Stainless Steel Barcode Label

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Here we have a piece of stainless steel sample label with which we’re doing some test-chemical etchings of barcodes. Here are 3 things you need to know about barcode etching on metals:


We usually generate the barcodes from a freeware, with the required texts supplied by our clients. As there is a possibility that the barcode might come out slightly different, we will usually scan the barcode with an app to make sure it is usable. We’ve experienced cases whereby different types of scanners, such as hand-held and fixed scanner, producing different scanning results. As such, a sample is usually done up prior to full quantity production.

2.Suitable Materials

Of all the materials we’ve tried, stainless steel seems to be the most suitable for barcode etching. Aluminum is soft, and thus the barcode lines will appear thicker than supposed, and increase the difficulty in scanning. Brass may not provide enough of a color contrast between the black barcode etching and the gold-colored material.


Although there are no hard and fast specifications to it, it is advised to allow for ample spacings in between the barcode lines for better scanning results. The area surrounding the barcode should also not be cluttered to allow for easier scanner readibility.

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