SAS Signage

SAS Signage

In the myriad of signage solutions and providers, it can sometimes be tough when searching for a reliable signage supplier. As signage are intended to be used for long periods of time, suppliers may at times cut cost on materials, or quote exorbitant prices to make a quick buck. Here’s 3 tips on procuring for a good signage provider.

SAS Signage

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1. Past Projects

A good way to gauge the standards and quality of a signage provider is to ask for projects previously done by them. These can usually be found on their website, or quickly provided upon request. If they hesitate to provide such information, or if the images looks like the result of a generic google image search, these may be telltale signs of a problematic signage provider.

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Happy Earth, Happy Life.

2. Professional Advice

More often than not, the general public is not well versed on the suitability of the many different types of signage in the market, and what they are looking for may not be a good fit for their intended usage. For example, house number signage are often fabricated using stainless steel, as it is much more durable against outdoor unsheltered environments.

Standing Stainless Steel Plaque

Standing tall

3. There are often crucial deadlines to meet in a signage order, such as grand openings or events. Having the signage delayed before these dates will deem them meaningless to be ordered in the first place. A good way of determining if a signage provider makes good their word on the delivery date will be by judging from their response time. If they reply your mails multiple times a day, and answer your calls promptly, these may hint towards good accountability and reliability.

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