Siemens Floating Brass Art Label

Siemens Floating Brass Art Label

Given a short time frame of just a few days, we managed to churn out these amazing looking brass art labels for Siemens Singapore.

Siemens Floating Brass Art Label2

Team, Passion, Excellence.


As we all know, the chemical etching process is not able to replicate photos, and so this piece of brass label is a mixture of chemical etching for the texts, and uv-printing for the image. It is then coated with a layer of lacquer as always, to prevent oxidizing.

Siemens Floating Brass Art Label3



In order to achieve the “floating” effect, we made a 5mm-thick acylic backing that’s slightly smaller than the size of the brass label, and pasted it between the brass and the wall, resulting in the gap seen above.

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