3M Reflective Stickers

3M Reflective Stickers

3M Reflective Stickers


More commonly seen on roads or on safety signs, these 3M reflective stickers are widely popular due to its highly reflective characteristics, making them the most economical and durable choice for night-time usages. Due to its hexagon-based nature, plotter machines are not able to cut them out. That is primarily why whenever we see these stickers, they’re always in simple shapes. The only way to cut them to size is either manually, or via a mold machine.



The most common colors are yellow, red and white, as these colours are synonymous with warning labels. They also contrast well with black, which is the primary color used with the design of these stickers.



Similar to our vinyl stickers, they’re waterproof and durable. Where our vinyl stickers are soft and bendable, these stickers are rigid and brittle. The adhesive strength is roughly the same, and so long as the surface is properly treated, they should be able to hold for years to come.



Not particularly eye-catching, the majority of us probably see these stickers on a daily basis as part of the “noise” in our surrounding environments. Common areas of use include warning labels for machineries, yellow/black hazard designs on barricades, numeric texts on lamp-posts, to road and traffic signs.

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