Be Natural Company Signage

Be Natural Company Signage

Be Natural Company Signage

100% Natural. No Preservatives.

Chemical Etching with Grey Enamel Paint

This is a very rare example of a stainless steel company signage with the layout in a very similar shade of grey as the stainless steel itself. Due to the nature of this color, it may appear to be off-white or dark grey, depending on lighting conditions. The contrast between the layout and the stainless steel background is even lesser than colorless etching, attached for comparison:

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Recommended Color Choices

However, the colors are often fixed due to corporate identities, and the only 3 options to play with are colored, black or colorless. Black will be the no-nonsense, prime and proper option for those who wants a signage to be clearly visible and to-the-point. The colorless option can sometimes be quite the gamble. Classy as it may be, it is very dependant on the lighting conditions where the signage is installed at. A full color chemically-etched stainless steel signage is best for corporate identities, but there has to be a general understanding that the colors on the finished product will be 80% – 90% similar to that of the chosen pantone code. The discrepancies comes from 2 areas; mixing of the paint and a change in the shade of the color during the curing process of the paint in high heat.

Sentosa Label

Time for some fun.


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