Infolog Signage Installation

Infolog Signage Installation

Ever wondered how those indoor signage are being done up? Well here’s a glimpse of the process. The preparation works itself takes days to ready the signage for installation.

Infolog Acrylic Signage

Infolog is an established company that is known for providing streamlined, omni-channel software solutions, especially for the Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain industries.

1.Acrylic Preparation

The 20mm-thick acrylic is first laser-cut to shape and texts, and then sanded-down to remove any uneven surfaces. As the laser cutting process has a starting point on the acrylic where the laser will be fired at, that’s the part which will usually end up with a slight unevenness. Transparent acrylic is usually preferred for spray paint jobs, as it provides for an unbiased shade of result regardless of any color.

Infolog Acrylic Signage Close-Up

Unafraid of close-ups.

2. Paint Job

Next, pantone-coded colored paints are prepped and carefully spray-painted onto each individual acrylic pieces. For us, we use an air compressor and a filtered airgun to ensure even distribution of the paint. The filter is used for separating dirt and impurities from the air feeding into the airgun, resulting in a cleaner spray result with lesser dust specks on the acrylic pieces.

Infolog Acrylic Signage2

Ready to face the world.

3. Installation

The final stage involves applying the Nitto adhesive to each individual pieces for them to hold up well against the signage backing. This process is rather labour-intensive, as each tape is first applied onto every single piece of acrylic, and then hand-trimmed to shape. A stencil is prepared to aid with positioning of the acrylic pieces onto the backing on the wall, and the final installation will then be done up.


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