LGBT Toilet Sign

LGBT Toilet Sign

I was doing some shopping at a small retail store when I came across this sign placed on the door of a shared toilet. I just had to share it.

LGBT Toilet Sign.jpg


This is the essence of the art of sign-craft. I always believed that it is not about the materials, the fabrication methods, all that can be easily sourced for. The novelty of a design and its ability to make you take a second glance at such an unassuming toilet sign, however, is the making of a good signage. When you start to realise the level of ingeniousness and simplicity of a design combining two signs into one, keeping within the dimensions of a single sign, you must think that this was designed by a professional with years of experience in design. As you can surely see, this sign isn’t even properly designed. It was made by one of the admin staff at the shop by literally combining a male and female logo together. It is such a shame for her not to have been a designer. Imagine her potential!

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