Stainless Steel QR Code Label

Stainless Steel QR Code Label

In view of the recent demand for qr coded labels, here’s a short post on some information about these labels, and what to look out for.

Stainless Steel QR Code Label

Abbreviated from “Quick Response” code.


1. Application

Perhaps the most important part about these labels is the actual usability of these labels. Before committing to bulk quantities, we strongly advise our client to do testings on sample pieces. As some scanners are size-sensitive, the codes usually have to be of a minimum size in order to be able to be picked up by the scanner.

2. Material

The recent increase in demand for stainless steel qr-coded labels is probably due to its increased robustness, which saves both time and money on relabeling. As our stainless steel labels are chemically-etched and filled with black enamel paint that is thinner-resistant, it is virtually resistant to most light industrial environments and warehouses. Common knocks and bangs from forklifts and crates in warehouse storage premises will not leave a significant mark on our steel labels.

3. Code list for fabrication

When supplying us with the list of codes to be manufactured into labels, it is strongly advised to include the actual image of the respective codes themselves. We’ve experienced cases whereby we were only provided with the texts to generate the qr codes, only to find out that they differ slightly from the original code when generated by third party software.

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