Acrylic Cake Labels

Being an avid cafe lover myself, I’ve visited my fair share of cafes and ice-cream shops. More often than not, the labels used for naming the available desserts are made of cheap-looking, temporary laminated labels that appear flimsy and messy.

Acrylic Cake Labels

We are here to stay!

So when you see this level of commitment the cafe has to their food labels, you can rest assure their menu is here to stay. These classy matt-gold acrylic labels are engraved, and bent to 45 degrees, an elegant and clean approach to food labeling. Lightweight and naturally water-proof, these labels can be easily fixed in place with the 3M adhesive we’ve applied at the base. Unlike other similar looking labels that has black stickers used to form the texts, our engraved labels are much more resistant to regular washing.

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