Bust Signage

100 kilometers. 4 hours. 3 locations. 3 Busts. Here are the results:

We were contacted by ITE for the fabrication of some signage, and was more than honored when we realised what they were intended for. Featured above areĀ  our founding father Lee Kuan Yew’s busts in 3 different colors, all situated in the 3 ITE campuses. Though the busts were not done by us, we were given the opportunity to illustrate the purpose behind their existence. Although both signage and stand are made of stainless steel, they appear different in color due to the different finishing.


Our stainless steel box-up signage is pre-fabricated prior to uv-printing of the black texts. The tricky part is to tip the slanted side such that is it entirely flat in order for us to proceed with the printing of the texts. The signage is first bent to form an “L” shape, before welded with a separate piece at both ends.

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