UPS Name-tag

If this name-tag looks slightly different from what we usually have to offer, it’s due to the lack of epoxy coating. The epoxy coating not only helps to protect the printing on the name-tag and prevent the surface from scratches, but is also aesthetically more attractive to most. There are, however, exceptions such as this UPS name-tag below. The lack of epoxy coating results in the printing being more pronounced, and increases the uniqueness of the name-tag, which is what young start-ups are looking for nowadays.

UPS Name-tag

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Although epoxy coating turns yellowish in time (albeit after 3 – 5 years of usage), this will only affect designs with a light-colored background, such as white and silver. For the matt gold background in this example, the yellowing of the epoxy will be almost unnoticeable. Another important point to note is the weight reduction. If you were to weight both types of name-tags, you will realise the one without the epoxy coating is significantly lighter. For name-tags with magnet backings, this will mean a firmer hold, especially when worn on suits.

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