Top 5 Weekly highlights – Tampines Hub, JTC and more!

  1. Tampines Hub Stainless Steel Plaque
Tampines Hub Stainless Steel Plaque

Tampines Hub Stainless Steel Plaque

As I’m sure we’re no longer strangers to plaques featuring PM Lee in it, here is another item that we did last week. Featuring non-directional finishing on stainless steel 304, the overall look and feel of the plaque is more subtle and professional. This image is taken before attaching the plate to the wooden base.

Tampines Hub Stainless Steel Plaque Signature Close-Up

Here’s a close up of the etched signature, perfectly displaying every single detail.

Tampines Hub Stainless Steel Plaque Logo Close-Up

I actually did not know that Tampines Hub had such an attractive logo! I wonder what the 4 colors stand for.

2. JTC Brass Plaque

JTC Brass Plaque

This brass plaque is ordered on a regular basis, though I’m unsure where is it used exactly. The hairline finishing of the brass is not very pronounced due the the clear lacquer coating applied for protective purposes.

3. Zone Chart Signage

Zone Chart Signage

Though common, I’d figured we should at least have s sample image of this item. Known commonly as a zone chart or a floor plan signage, it’s base material is a piece of 3mm thick clear acrylic, reverse-laminated with a printed water-proof vinyl sticker. We usually apply 3M foam tape at the back as the signage is usually attached onto walls.

4. Heli Aluminum Machine Plate

Heli Aluminum Machine Plate

Heli Aluminum Machine Plate

In the past week, I’ve received some inquiries regarding black background etching on our metallic products. Specifically, how it’s done and how the finished product looks like. As seen from above, the black background is glossy in finishing due to the type of enamel paint we use. The black portion is also etched, thus creating a recessed area for the black paint to be filled. This gives the impression that the texts and logos are being embossed, when in actual fact it is the background that has been de-bossed instead. The item above is made of aluminum and coated with clear lacquer.

5. Personalized Brass Plaque

Personalized Brass Plaque

It’s always nice to see interesting plaques like the one above, and for some reason I felt that fonts such as Times New Roman matches brass perfectly, bringing out the “royal-ness” of the brass.

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