P5 Aluminum Label Revisit

Evidently, we’re a huge fan of colorless etching, as seen in our strong emphasis of it in previous posts. We’ve recently done a colorless etched aluminum label with this exact layout, with the etching done on the background instead. Below was how the label looked like.

P5 Aluminum label with Colorless Etching on Background

Etched background results in an “embossed” effect of the logo, when in actual fact it is the background that has been “de-bossed” instead. As the chemical etching was done all the way to the edge of the label, our client’s feedback to us was that the edges were slightly too sharp for their intended usage. We then suggested to inverse the etching process, and here’s how it turned out:

P5 Aluminum label with Colorless Etching on Logo

The label now looks more standard and proper now. Although this process can be achieved via conventional engraving, that would result in fine lines running across the logo due to the nature of the fabrication process of engraving, be it rotary or laser engraving. As seen from the close-up shot below, our logo has a “sand-blasted” effect without any lines.

P5 Aluminum label with Colorless Etching on Logo close-up

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