4 Main Nametag Customizing Options

Brass Nametags with Black Etching & lacquer coating

Nametags comes in many forms and designs in order to differentiate different corporation’s identities. Due to the many customizable options available here at Brighten, placing a nametag order can get rather confusing. To aid this process, here are the 4 main categories of nametag customization options.

2-Ply Gravoply Engraved Nametags

1. Material

This option falls under 2 sub-categories; metallic and non-metallic. Metallic options includes mainly stainless steel, brass and aluminum, while non-metallic options range from 2-ply gravoply, acrylic with solvent-print laminated vinyl sticker to more rare options such as 3mm-thick perspex acrylic with engraving and enamel paint fill.

Infiniti Acrylic Nametags with Epoxy coating

2. Coating

The most generic coating option is epoxy coating, which is a transparent layer of clear coating over the surface of the nametag. This coating can be applied to all types of nametags, and might turn yellowish after about 5 years of use. Other forms of coating are gold-plating and nickel-plating, which only applies to metallic brass nametags.

Gold-plated Brass Paige Parker Nametag

3. Method of Fabrication

As we provide multiple fabrication services such as uv-printing, chemical etching, engraving and solvent printing, this reaults in a high level of flexibility in terms of choices of method of fabrication. For example, we can either uv-print or etch onto metallic nametags.

4. Backings

The most basic backing will be the pin, which is very similar to that of a safety pin. However, as this may cause permanent damage to the clothing, many prefer to go for the magnet backing instead. Our magnetic backings are strong enough for most blazers based on feedbacks, but it is advisable to head down to our shopfront to test it out first-hand. Other less common backing include pin-and-clip, essentially a combination of both a pin and a crocodile clip.

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