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Select Premium Nametags Experiencing a high turnover rate? Fret not, we now have the perfect nametag solution for you. In fact, such nametags have been around for ages, but we’ve only just recently decided to include it into our product range due to multiple requests.

Previously, the nametag solution to companies with high turnover rate was a blank epoxy nametag with just the corporate logo on one side. The names are printed onto a sticker and pasted onto the nametag. Aside from a slightly less professional presentation as a whole, it can also tend to be quite messy when the name is changed multiple times, and at times resulting in a sticky black residue from the sticker’s glue.

Select Premium Nametags close-up

As seen above, our aluminum interchangeable nametags are customized via uv-printing for that classy corporate touch, and comes with our full suite of backing options such as magnets or pins to cater to individual preferences. The names are then printed onto a piece of paper and slotted into the nametag behind the acrylic slider. It doesn’t matter it the paper isn’t cut perfectly, as the edges of the paper will be covered by the nametag itself.

The running cost is much lower than the above mentioned solution, as a conventional printer will suffice without a need for a sticker printer. Corporate identities are paramount to any successful firm, and with that understanding we strive to upkeep high standards for every single product of ours.

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