3 Common Types of Plaques

Plaques, much like photo frames, captures important moments in life, be it individuals or corporations. Below are the 3 most common types requested by our clients.
1. Wooden-base Plaques

Wooden-Base Plaques

Wooden-Base Plaques

This is arguably the most common types of plaque in the market, and comes with a wooden backing. At Brighten, our wooden-base plaques comes in 3 different sizes; A3, A4 and A5. The can be stood on a table or hung onto a wall. Our multidisciplinary nature allows us to customise these plaques to a great extent, such as replacing the top plate with a metallic material, as opposed to the more conventional acrylic type.
2. Acrylic Sandwich Plaques

A breathe of fresh air compared to the above plaque, the acrylic sandwich plaque consists of 2 pieces of individual acrylic pieces attached together via metal spacers at the four corners. Our acrylic sandwich plaques differs from the others in the market via our versatile usage of uv-printing directly onto the surface of the acrylic, achieving the seamless see-through effect that is classy and elegant.
3. Acrylic Plaques

Acrylic Plaques

Acrylic Plaques

These types of plaques are more commonly seen in larger sizes, possibly due to its slightly thicker acrylic base, which is usually 15-20mm thick with diamond-polished beveled edges. The top plate is usually metallic in nature, in this instance brushed aluminum with Pantone-coded color etching and finished off with lacquer coating. This is the most costly of the three options, due to both the nature of materials used and also the more complex installation process via gold/nickel plated wall spacers.

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