FoodGear Branding 

This week, we touch on the brandings done for Foodgear’s upcoming event souvenirs. The clients wanted something clean and places great emphasis on their corporate identity, hence all our designs are based on their corporate colors.

Foodgear Branding

Foodgear Branding

As seen above, we’ve removed the original label on the powerbank’s packaging box and replaced it with our customised stickers to achieve this seamless packaging.

Powerbank customisation

Powerbank customisation

The power bank’s customisation is done via a combination of both Uv-printing and solvent-printed sticker, as we needed to cover the powerbank’s original manufacturer logo. The sticker’s edges are also contoured with the logo, in line with the seamless finishing we’re going after.

Foodgear packaging ready product

Ready to impress!

Here’s a close-up shot of the ready product. Everything looks perfectly in place and ready to impress.

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