Chemical Etching: Why so expensive?

Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching

Today, we shall briefly touch on a few points to shed some light on the justification of our charges for chemically-etched products.

1. Labour Intensive

The entire process of chemical etching involves about 10 sets, from preparing of the film to filling in the enamel paint, and 8 of these steps has to be done manually.

2. Proper Waste Treatment

The acid used for chemicals etching have to be changed on a regular basis. As this acid is harmful to the environment, it has to be professionally disposed of by specialised companies. This process results in additional costs.

3. Time-Consuming

There isn’t much difference in terms of time taken for 10 steps of processes for 1 pc and 100pcs of the same product, which is why our quotations differ greatly based on quantity.

4. Thinner-Resistant

At Brighten, we take pride in the fact that our chemically-etched products differ from the rest in one key aspect: thinner-resistant. All our etched products undergo a special process resulting in the filled enamel paints being incredibly resistant to volatile solvents like thinner or turpentine.

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