One Offshore Company Signage 

This weekend, we did up both outdoor and indoor company signage for one of our valued client One Offshore. For the outdoor signage, we went with 5mm thick stainless steel grade 304 with hairline finishing, laser cut texts and chemically etched logo filled with Pantone color coded enamel paint. As characters such as “o” and “e” has independent pieces at their centre, we used a black acrylic backing to keep them in place.

One Offshore Stainless Steel Company Signage

This method greatly enhances the depth effect of the characters, and keeps the signage professional looking even if the wall behind it gets dirty. Here’s a close up of the chemically etched logo:

As for the indoor signage, we decided to go with a 10mm thick acrylic backing plate as the orange background, with a 5mm thick acrylic cut-out attached onto its surface. The smaller texts below are also 10mm in thickness.

One Offshore Acrylic Company Signage

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