Signage with SS304 Stand 

This unique signage is a special request from a landscaping client of ours. They wish for the numbers “29” to be in gold, and the below texts to be clearly legible and weatherproof. The result is a thinner-resistant chemically etched texts on a piece of sturdy 3mm thick stainless steel 304 with hairline finishing.

Attached onto it are 3mm thick brass numbers in non-directional finishing, via the use of special nitto double side tapes which we usually use for cars. The pole seen in the picture is also entirely made out of welded stainless steel 304 to ensure durability. The protruding brass numbers gives the signage a embossed effect, while the debossed texts below is a stark contrast.

We coated the brass with clear lacquer to extend its durability under the humid weather conditions in Singapore. The entire signage is about 1.5m in height, and the signage itself is 500mm x 300mm.

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