3 Common Types of Metal Surface Finishing. 

In today’s post, we shall touch on the 3 most common types of metal surface finishing based on the number of demand from our clients.

#1. Hairline Finish

Also known as brushed or directional finish, this finishing can be defined by the horizontal or vertical lines running parallel to each other, hence the term brushed metal. At Brighten, this is the most commonly requested finishing as it looks presentable and goes well with most backgrounds or layouts.

#2. Non-Directional Finish

As the name suggest, this finishing is done via a sanding machine in a circular motion. The result is fine lines that does not seem to be pointing toward any direction, hence the term Non-directional. This finish is versatile and applicable for both signages and industrial tags and labels, as it is more resistant to scratches compared to hairline finish.

#3. Mirror Finish

This finishing is akin to that of a mirror, a beautiful high shine and reflective surface commonly seen with jewellery and high-end products. This finish is suitable for collar pins, name tags and presentation labels for trophies and medals. It also requires constant cleaning and is very prone to scratches.

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