Printpack+Sign 2017

Printpack+Sign 2017

Printpack+Sign 2017

We’re very excited to be a part of this years’ Printpack+Sign 2017, happening at MBS this week from Wednesday to Friday from 11am to 7pm. This is our first time participating in this exhibition, and I’ll personally be around all 3 days to facilitate.

The products we’ve chosen to display in the show are what we feel to be the most unique and attractive, and they range from gold-plated collar pins to stainless steel tailored namecards and even customised house signage and plaques.

Some of our items have never been seen before and are exclusive to this exhibition, so do make sure to be there and have a good look and feel at them.

The majority of our items are etched metallic products, as we feel that not many exhibitors have metal etching services, as opposed to conventional solvent printing. We also chose to display some stunning UV-Printed metallic plaques and name cards that can be fully-customisable to suit your preferences and liking.

Lastly, we’ve also prepared stainless steel cabletags as our name cards for this exhibition, so be sure to drop by!

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