Custom-Made E-Clips

Custom-Made E-Clips

Custom-Made E-Clips

These stainless steel e-clips are made to order to fit various specific diameter sizes of tubes and pipes. Laser-cut and chemically-etched, they’re suitable for moderate industrial usage as the paint which we will our etched products with are a special type with thinner-resistant attributes. As a references, the inner diameters for both clips above are 0.5″ and 3/4″ respectively.

Often, off-the-shelf e-clips might not fit perfectly for specific machineries, factories or production plants, and they most definitely would not come with your required labelling on them. Our customised e-clips provides a very neat labelling solution, as compared to dangling a label on a tube or pipe, which is more flimsy and might obstruct maintenance servicings.

Although our labels are thinner-resistant, we would recommend prior testing when washing the equipments with chemicals of similar acidity.

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