Acrylic Signage Installation 

Acrylic Signage Installation

Acrylic Signage Installation

Ever wondered how signage installations are actually done? Well wonder no more as we touch on the basics today. We will be discussing specifically on indoor acrylic signages, like the one in the above photo.

This is a piece of 20mm laser cut acrylic with printed vinyl sticker laminated directly onto its surface. The thickness of the acrylic creates depth, and the printed vinyl stickers gives it its identity. Important point to note is whether the installation surface is reinforced concrete or a partition wall. For a concrete wall, installation can be done simple with ample foam tape.

In the case of the above photo, the installation was done on a partition wall, and as such we had to construct first a mold and drill it in place, before sticking the actual signage onto the mold. This is because the paint on partition walls are weaker than concrete walls, and the risk of the signage falling off is high. The foam tape might have enough adhesive strength, but it might peel the thin layer of paint off and fall off entirely. With the additional mold, the adhesive strength of the foam tape will be reinforced with the wall mounted mold, ensuring maximum safety.

Of course, the mold will be slightly smaller than the actual signage to prevent it from being seen from the front. The bottom row of texts are done after the main signage with the help of sticker stencils to accurately pinpoint their exact alignments. Lastly, all surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust and oil, and Ensure a strong and firm hold for the adhesives.

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