Double-Side Adhesive Tape Comparisons 

As one might imagine, adhesive tapes are one of the staple ingredients in Signcrafts, and we choose ours wisely. We’ve used various different brands in the past, and derived at 2 brands that we feel is best in terms of reliability.


The 3M tissue tape is what we apply onto most of our products. It is weather-proof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages. It is clear in color and has a thickness of about 0.15mm, and works well with most flat surfaces such as plastic, metal, glass, leather and rubber. For slightly uneven surfaces, the 3M foam tape is used.

As the name suggests, the tape is similar to a thin sponge to achieve more contact with uneven surfaces such as walls and rock. It comes in white Color, with a thickness of around 1mm, and is significantly more costly than the tissue tape.

3M Foam Tape Tissue Tape

3M Foam Tape Tissue Tape


Nitto Denko:

A few years back we had an order to produce car badges, and we went on with the Nitto tape as it has even higher adhesive strength than that of the standard 3M tissue tapes we use on a daily basis. Notice how it comes in a distinctive dark grey color:

Steel Label with Nitto adhesive tape

Steel Label with Nitto adhesive tape

One key aspect to note is that the surface of which the labels or signage will be pasted onto must be cleaned and free of dust or oil, this will ensure full and absolute contact between the adhesive and the surface. Otherwise, no matter how strong the adhesive may be, it won’t be able to bond, and will most definitely drop off over time.

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