ANA Aluminum Award Plaques

ANA Aluminum Award Plaques

ANA Aluminum Award Plaques

#ANA award plaques. Made of aluminum and coated with a layer of clear lacquer for protection against the elements, these small plaques will be attached onto awards or trophies to complete a quality professional presentation.

The level of etching difficulty increases with smaller items such as these, and even more so when there’s logos and colors involved. As seen, the filled colors are Pantone color coded to adhere with ANA’s corporate colors.

Already thinner-resistant, we then treat the plaques to a layer of clear lacquer protective coating to further enhance its durability and lustre, as aluminum is a material that oxidizes easily when exposed to the atmosphere.

All our products have the option to come as standard with 3M industrial strength double side take at the backing. This makes sure our items stay put under harsh environments.

As aluminum is a soft metal and rather malleable, it is also suitable for surfaces that are slightly curved, making it very suitable for trophies and gift objects.

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