Golden Tuesday

Tuesday is especially golden this week, as we complete the tedious gold fill paint process on the 1.4m-long teak wood engraving belonging to the RSS INDEPENDENCE.

Also to note is that stainless steel can achieve different effects with both horizontal and vertical hairline finishings, as seen from both the PSA Appreciation plate and the stencil with mandarin texts.

This marks the end of Brighten’s R&D process for wood engraving, finishing-coat and gold paint filling, and we will be officially offering this service by end of the week.

FYI, estimated quotes for the RSS INDEPENDENCE (1420mm x 170mm):

Engraving Service: $50.00

Gold Paint Fill Service: $100.00.

Sanding, Dye & Lacquer Service: $80.00.

*Prices exclusive of the teak material.


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